Chocolate Lavender Brownie Organic Tea
Delicious Chocolate Lavender Brownie Organic Tea
Treat yourself with Chocolate Lavender Brownie Organic Tea
Chocolate Lavender Brownie Organic Tea from Wild Blends

Chocolate Lavender Brownie

Chocolate Tea

A new take on an old favourite. A wonderfully smooth chocolate taste comes from the cacao husk, which has been roasted to release its natural flavours, with subtle undertones of lavender, finished off with the sweetness of licorice root, all tie together to make for one wickedly tasty cup of tea.

Ingredients: cacao, lavender & licorice root. All certified organic ingredients. Does not contain caffeine.
Weight: 100g. Servings per package: 25 (4g per serving).

Cacao is naturally high in antioxidants. Antioxidants have been widely known to have a number of health benefits including reducing inflammation and having anti-cancer properties. It has more antioxidants than red wine or green tea. Cacao is high in the mineral magnesium, which can be very beneficial for muscle health. It may also be useful in reducing blood pressure, assisting with cholesterol, improving mood and circulation. Licorice root is naturally sweet and does not affect blood sugar levels, making it a safe choice for diabetics. It’s also been known to be helpful in times of stress and for the gut. Whilst lavender has been known to have calming properties.

2 teaspoons per 250ml

Brewing time: 5 - 10 minutes
Temp: 100° C

We recommend to serve on its own.