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Hello Tea Lovers,

My name is Chantel Arcuri and I am a fully qualified naturopath.

I have long held a passion for health and understand it encompasses more than just healthy eating and exercising but also how we feel, think and love - not only others but ourselves too. 

I have always believed in being true to oneself, following your true passions in life and waking up everyday to do what your heart beats for.

This along with my love of herbs and tea resulted in Wild Blends being born. If I did not partake on this journey, I would be going against my philosophy and it has been one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences of my life.

Wild Blends is more than just delicious teas. It is about the lifestyle drinking tea can bring. We live in such a fast paced world that sometimes we forget to just breathe, connect with nature, be in the present moment and simply be free to be our true authentic selves.Wild Blends offers a range of traditional teas & therapeutic teas hand blended with organic ingredients to optimise their health benefits. We also have a range of gift sets & tea accessories.

For me tea brings back those moments. I love sitting down with a beautiful pot of tea and watching those flowers and leaves unfurl, releasing their beautiful aromas and flavours that dance on your tongue, warm your heart and ignite your soul, bringing with it a promise of not just a taste but a feeling. After all, life is made up of the little things and those moments that make us feel alive.

Tea is naturally high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and can offer so many physical health benefits too! From detoxing the body, soothing tummies, to calming nerves, we’ve got you covered mind, body and soul.

I have always been a lover of tea, but I grew tired of buying brands which contained added flavours chemically produced in labs. I longed for pure blends where the delicious taste came from the combination of the herbs and fruits themselves, just the way nature intended it to be. For this reason our teas do not contain any flavours and have been formulated not only for their wonderful health benefits, but with taste and smell in mind. All herbs and ingredients used in Wild Blends teas are also certified organic so you won’t get those nasty chemical residues, just a clean and wholesome brew.

My wish for you is that Wild Blends can inspire you to love yourself, follow your dreams and be present in the moment.

In good health,



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