Wild Blends Organic Teas Christmas Hamper
Wild Blends Organic Tea Gift Set
Wild Blends Organic Tea Gift Set with Teaology Vintage Strainer
Wild Blends Organic Tea Gift Set with Teaology Stick Infuser
Wild Blends Organic Tea Gift Set with Teaology Tea Stick Infuser

Tea Trio

This Tea Trio Hamper will be the perfect gift for the Tea Addict.

It includes your choice of 3 bags of Wild Blends organic teas, from our range of traditional or therapeutic teas as well as your choice of a Vintage stainless steel Tea Strainer or an Tea Stick Infuser both from Teaology.

Teaology Tea Infuser Stick can be loaded with tea leaves. Easy to carry it with you, you only have to drop it in your cup of hot water when you need it throughout the day, it's as easy as using a tea bag.

Teaology Vintage Tea Strainer is beautifully made with stainless steel decoration for a more sophisticated cup of tea.

You can pick either strainer for your hampers. Let us know upon check out.

Wild Blends therapeutic range of teas have been formulated by Naturopath Chantel Arcuri, Wild Blends owner.

Wild Blends also offers a range of Traditional Teas with English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Peppermint, Green tea, Chai tea and Jasmine Rose tea.

All herbs and ingredients used in Wild Blends teas are certified organic. No flavours or artificial sweeteners have been added.

Hamper valued at $90.

Upon check out, let us know which tea blends & tea strainers you'd like to select for your hampers. 

All hampers are beautifully wrapped.