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Dandelion Tea

A beautifully warm blend of ginger and cinnamon that cuts through the bitterness of roasted dandelion root, creating a slightly spicy and uplifting earthy blend.

Ingredients: roasted dandelion root, cinnamon & ginger. All certified organic ingredients.
Weight: 100g. Servings per package: 50 (2g per serving).

Dandelion root has been known to be of benefit to digestive and detoxification functions including including bowel, liver and kidney. It is fantastic after a heavy or fatty meal as it assists with the breakdown of fat and may also act as a diuretic.

Cinnamon and ginger are both warming herbs and have been traditionally used for symptoms of poor digestion such as nausea, poor appetite, heartburn, indigestion and wind pain.


1 teaspoon per 250ml

Brewing time: 5-10 minutes
Temp: 100° C
If desired serve with honey.